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The Filmmaking Masterclass and Coaching one on one Program

Learn the whole Filmmaking Process
from Screenplay to Finished Film + You Make a Film

  1. Make your Micro Budget Movie This Year and Get it Seen.

  2. Screenwriting – How to Write a Screenplay.

  3. Casting – How to Cast a Movie

  4. Technical Training  Camera Lights and Sound Training.

  5. Preproduction and Producing
  6. Shooting a 10 minute Movie ( Actual Real Shoot)

  7. Postproduction Editing the film  Colour Grading.

  8. Sound Design Mix  & Music – Finished Film.

  9. Business of Filmmaking.  Finding your Film Distributor and Getting your film seen by the world.

  10. One on One Coaching x 3 Sessions  with our Indie Filmmaker Instructors.

  11. Plus Make a Film while you do the Flagship Program

Learn Filmmaking From the Best -
Make a Successful Film Now - Save Thousands of $

The Flagship Micro-Budget Filmmaking Masterclass
+ One on One Filmmaking Coaching Program

  1. Learn Filmmaking From the Best – Make a Successful Film Now  &  Save Thousands of $.
  2. Learn to Direct  and Produce and Edit Your Film on a Micro Budget.
  3. Make Your micro-budget Short or Feature  Film Now.
  4. The Flagship Filmmakers Masterclass is Project Based with a laser sharp “Action To do List” each week.
  5. Coaching one on one with an experienced established Indie Filmmaker.
  6. Great for Emerging Filmmakers, Beginners and Indie Filmmakers.
  7. Next Step – Fill in Form to Find out Fees /Prices & How to apply. 

Flagship Micro -Budget Filmmakers Masterclass and Coaching Program Closes Soon

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The Film Instructor Coaches: Taught by Filmmakers for Future Filmmakers

Colm O'Murchu

Colm O’Murchu is a successful Indie Filmmaker and Director of three world-wide successfully released feature films and one documentary. He created and has run Australian Film Central since 1997 and helped filmmakers produce hundreds of short films. His mission is to help up and coming and emerging Filmmakers make their films successful and loves to help up and coming filmmakers make it in the film business.


"Tabernacle 101" Movie Trailer 100 minutes

Eddie Arya Top Film Director

Eddie Arya is now one of our two Main Film Instructors at the Sydney 5 Month Film School.   He started Filmmaking with no previous experience in 2011. He enrolled on the 5 Month Film School in Sydney and the 5 Month Film School catapulted him into the world of filmmaking. He immediately started making films writing directing and producing “The Navigator”,  “The System” and “Risen.” He is now swiftly becoming one of the worlds top Film Directors.  


"Risen" Movie Trailer 93 Minutes

Jane Robinson
Jane Robinson
Read More
I'm a newbie filmmaker and didn't know where to start so this film school was right up my alley. Great teachers, good advice and I finished the five months knowing I could make some great films and even have the confidence to do some freelance film work. Thanks so much for helping me out.. well worth the money spent!
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis
Read More
Such a great film school. For somebody like me that had no idea where to even start or what specifically to get into this is a must go to course. The 5 months went fast but learnt so much! 5 stars from me... if your reading this review and contemplating if you should attend this course - YOU should!
Yasmine S
Yasmine S
Read More
I learnt so much on the five month film school and trust me I've been to so many courses. If you want to learn a lot in a short span of time, Australian Film Base is the place to go. The price justifies the knowledge and experience you will get once you complete this and as for me I was able to get a job in the film industry thanks to these guys.
Oliver Taremun
Oliver Taremun
Read More
Just completed the five month film school. ! I highly recommend this place, tell them Oliver sent you. 5 stars
Jaguar Magneto
Jaguar Magneto
Read More
I've taken many quick courses about filmmaking and this one is by far the best in Melbourne. Really in-depth, quality instructors that have knowledge and field experience that are down to earth and really made me feel at home (I had a lot of questions). I left the course more confident in myself to take on the film industry! Everything from lighting to camera angles.. I learnt so much!!
Francis Torres
Francis Torres
Read More
I've been keen to get into filmmaking but wasn't to sure what I really want to be. Editor? Director? or mabye grip? Well I learnt so much in 5 months and it really helped me map out my goals on the position I wanted to endeavour in in the film industry. Loved every single day here! Peace, Francis.

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Why work with Australian Film Central 

  1. Because we make Films 

  2. Because we know every way to make a film on the smallest budget possible.

  3. Because we can help you get your finished film out there to the world and get you to the best distributor. 

  4. Because with us, you will know exactly how to make your film happen and get it made.

  5. Because we will teach you filmmaking.

  6. Becausee we have been doing it for 25 years.  

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Learn Filmmaking From the Best - Make a Successful Film Now - Save Thousands of $

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