BUSINESS OF FILMMAKING COURSE Film Distribution & Festivals​ – Online


  • The Successful Strategy for Entering Film Festivals
  • Using Film Freeway and our ninja tricks to attract Film Festivals Selection and Awards.
  • The Top 10 Film Festivals and how to pick the Film Festivals to Enter.
  • The Top 3 Short Film Websites where it is amazing to get screened. One has most of the Oscar Short Films
  • Feature Film distributors and Sales Agents
  • Streamers and How to get on Prime Video, Stan, Apple and on other streamers
  • The Film Distributors we recommend that pay.
  • Top World Film Markets and why they are worth attending now.
  • Finding Work in the Film Business and how to approach
  • Networking in the Film Industry (Easy to Do)
  • The Champion and why top Filmmakers always have one.
  • Top End Film Finance and the 2 Project Strategy
  • Micro Budget Finance 
  • Return on Investment

    You Will know how to Find your Audience Get Selected in Film Festivals and Find a Distributor who makes you money.