CAMERAS LIGHTS AND SOUND Learn how to Use Film Equipment – Online


Main Achievement: You will know what Gear your need and how to use and the Main Shots and how to compose a shot. 

  • Learn how to use Film Equipment
  • You will learn which Film Equipment you will need
  • Whether to rent or buy Equipment and the Number One Film Equipment Shop in the world.
  • You learn how to Record Location Sound
  • You learn how to Light your Film Set with 3 Point Lighting and background lighting.
  • You learn to level a Camera . finding correct exposure and focus and white balance.
  • Frame Rate Slow Motion and ISO & The 180 Line
  • Why you have to have a ND Filter on your lens outside. 
  • Which Audio Equipment you need and How to use it.
  • How to boom operate and effectively do it and Shotgun Mics
  • How to place on Lapel mics
  • All the Main  Filmmaking Shots
  • The Lighting Equipment and How to Light
  • Spectacular composition and The Rule of Thirds