THE FILM DIRECTORS COURSE Learn how to Cast & Direct Actors and Crew and complete The Film Directors Vision – Online ​



  • Your Overall Film Directors Vision.
  • How to find the best Actors in your City for your Casting
  • How to run a Casting and make it happen.
  • How to Audition Actors for your Casting
  • Creating your Short List and Call backs
  • Your Final Choices and offering the roles
  • Table Reads and Rehearsals with your Actors
  • How a Director Breaks Down a Scene
  • The Film Director Tools for Directing Actors
  • Directing Actors on Set and helping them hit their very best.
  • Screen Acting that brings screen presence. How?
  • How to Pick the Best actor performances from your rushes.
  • Directing Actors in the ADR and Looping Post Sessions
  • How music enhances your Actors performance and how to make it happen.
  • Your Vision for Production Design, Makeup and Wardrobe.
  • Pragmatic Production Design.
  • Shot Lists and How to do them. Why they are so important.
  • How to Create your Shot List and Blocking Plan.
  • The Look of the Film Understanding Film Looks via Lighting Production Design and Colouring
  • Now it’s time to Direct on your Film Set. How to do it.
  • Getting the best out of your Actors and Crew