The Post Production Course – Online


  • Postproduction Overview 
  • Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video Clips and Audio Supplied to you. 
  • Importing Labelling & Organising  Video and Audion in bins
  • Syncing your Video to your Audio
  • Watching Rushes and Dailies
  • Editing the Rough Cut and the Fine Cut
  • Colouring and Grading your Film
  • Dialogue Clean up and
  • ADR Looping
  • Music and Sound Post
  • Sound Mixing and Final Mix
  • Making your Film Widescreen
  • Exporting out your Final Film for Screening
  • Test Screenings
  • Final Formats for your Film.
  • Making your Film  look and sound Hollywood

Main Achievement: You will learn to Edit using out scene supplied with Video and Audio.