Screen Acting 6 Week Course on Saturdays

Learn to be the best Screen Actor Course and Get a Showreel Scene

In the  6 week intensive acting course, you’ll learn from a real film director , Eddie Arya, who has directed a myriad of actors on film sets in Australia, America and Canada.

Eddie is on the lookout for talent for his next movie and loves to help people come proficient and effective screen actors. 

Dates Saturdays 

4th May – 10am – 1pm 

11th May – 10am – 1pm

18th May – 10am – 1pm

25th May – 10am – 1pm

1st June – 10am – 1pm 

15th June – 10am – 1pm  


You will learn  the following 

  • How to be the best screen actor you can be. 

  • How to Audition and Get the Part

  • How to do the best Self Tape. 

  • How to prepare for the role. 

  • How to analyse a script.

  • How to love the Camera and maximise  Screen Presence 

  • The business Side of Acting 

  • And you will get a Showreel Scene Directed and Edited by Eddie Arya 

How to Audition and get the Part

 Learn how to prepare for an audition.

  • Know your frame. Position yourself where the camera can capture the best of you.

Learn to Connect with the lens, not just an audience.

• Take longer pauses if needed. Take your time getting into character. Do not rush it.

Remember, from the moment you receive the script until you walk out of that audition room, everything you do is an audition.

Eddie Arya New Movie Trailer - Stage 5

Self- Tapes

Learn how to perfect the art of self-tapes.

• Understand what casting directors are looking for in a self-tape.

• Learn the fundamentals of what makes the perfect self-tape.

• Learn how to film a self-tape that stands out.


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Body Language and Tone

  1. Body language and tone is everything in acting!

    • Learn how to improve a scene and an audition through the power of body language and tone.

    • Learn how to tell a story without moving any part of your body using your eyes only.


Preparing for a Role.

Acting is a very personal and unique craft. The amount and technique of every preparation differs from person to person.

Let’s find your technique and find what works for you?

Business of Acting

Learn some of the steps you need to take to make acting a full-time  career and live your dream.

• Learn how to be the CEO of your own acting business.

• When you become an actor, you become a brand. How do you market and sell that brand?

Script Analysis

Understand the script and get the most out of a scene.

• Actors must turn into detectives when reading their scripts.

• When reading a scene, know your surroundings and how you ended up there?

  • What is your emotional state? Investigate thescene before and the scene after.

• Know your character’s objective, know the obstacles.

Acting on Camera

On camera, a quick shift of the eyes might be enough to communicate a change of thought but on stage you might need a shift in body weight, a turn off the head or a lean back (or in) to convey it effectively.

• Students will be able to identify some of the major differences between acting for the stage and for the camera.

• Learn the terms used on film sets and for acting for the camera and be ready to use those terms in upcoming projects.

Improvisation Acting

Most acting techniques are focused on emotional connection, character work, truthful expression, and script interpretation, while improv is about freeing up the mind to be more creative with choices and instincts.

• Improv develops acting skills. Like any skill or talent, improving your acting ability is a muscle that needs to be exercised if you want it to grow.

• Improv can improve your auditions.


You wouldn’t go job hunting without a resume so why should you be looking for acting work without a showreel?

• A professional showreel is your key to getting more work.

• Showreels are great first impressions and will increase your visibility online and help you get discovered.

• Whether you are just starting out in the industry and want to create your acting profile, or you are looking for an acting agent or simply wish to increase your online presence,  showreels are a vital component of every actor’s resume.

Upon Completion

  • Upon completion of the course, you’ll be provided with an Actors Certificate  signed by Eddie Arya. 

  • On a seperate  evening,  we’ will be  showcasing all the course participants Showreels.

  • Your brilliant work will be shown  to the course group and you will be able to bring a friend. 

  • You will now have a showreel and you will be ready to land acting jobs. 

This is a pure actor and director collaboration workshop and through the exploration of body language and tone, together with other activities, this course will help you build your character to gain the confidence needed to succeed.

Our Location – 330 Wattle Street Ultimo

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The Film Instructor Taught by Filmmakers for Future Filmmakers

Eddie Arya Top Film Director

Eddie Arya is now one of our two Main Film Instructors at the Sydney 5 Month Film School.   He started Filmmaking with no previous experience in 2011. He enrolled on the 5 Month Film School in Sydney and the 5 Month Film School catapulted him into the world of filmmaking. He immediately started making films writing directing and producing “The Navigator”,  “The System” and “Risen.” He is now swiftly becoming one of the world’s top Film Directors.  

Through his positive and encouraging style  Eddie Arya provides

  • challenging opportunities to expand one’s knowledge base.
  • while providing the necessary support to enable the actors’ success.
  • Create a  showreel scene for you, included in course fee.  
  • Eddie will guide and direct you in the scene to bring out your best performance so that your skills and abilities as an actor are highlighted. 
  • The scene will be professionally shot on professional film equipment and edited like it’s a scene from a real movie.

Written, Directed and Edited by Eddie Arya

Behind the Scenes on Set with Eddie

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What you get

  • 6 x Saturday Acting Training.

  • Showreel Completed

  •  How to do effective Self Tape.

  • How to act on Camera.  (Very different to Stage)

  • Effective Script Analysis

  • Improvisation Acting.

  • Business of Acting.

  • Get to know Eddie Arya who is now a prolific Feature Filmmaker.  

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