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Filmmaking Course List

  1. Screenwriting Course – See Details Below 
  2. The Film Directors Course  – See Details Below 
  3. Camera Lights and Sound Course – See Details Below 
  4. Producing – Preproduction & The Shoot Course – See Details Below 
  5. The Post Production Course – See Details Below 
  6. Business of Filmmaking Course – See Details Below 
  7. The Filmmakers Package and Make your Film – See Details Below 
  8. One on One Filmmaking Coaching  – See Details Below 

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Learn how to Cast & Direct Actors and Crew
and complete The Film Directors Vision

  • Your Overall Film Directors Vision. 
  • How to find the best Actors in your City for your Casting
  • How to run a Casting and make it happen. 
  • How to Audition Actors for your Casting
  • Creating your Short List and Call backs 
  • Your Final Choices and offering the roles 
  • Table Reads and Rehearsals with your Actors
  • How a Director Breaks Down a Scene
  • The Film Director Tools for Directing Actors 
  • Directing Actors on Set and helping them hit their very best. 
  • Screen Acting that brings screen presence. How? 
  • How to Pick the Best actor performances from your rushes. 
  • Directing Actors in the ADR and Looping Post Sessions 
  • How music enhances your Actors performance and how to make it happen. 
  • Your Vision for Production Design, Makeup and Wardrobe.
  • Pragmatic Production Design. 
  • Shot Lists and How to do them. Why they are so important.
  • How to Create your Shot List and Blocking Plan. 
  • The Look of the Film Understanding Film Looks via Lighting Production Design and Colouring
  • Now it’s time to Direct on your Film Set. How to do it. 
  • Getting the best out of your Actors and Crew   



  • Write your Feature 80 – 90 Minute Screenplay in 3 Months 
  • Or Write your 10 – 15 Page Screenplay in 21 Days 
  • You will learn how to Brainstorm Your Story 
  • You will learn all the Storytelling Tools that works in movies.
  • Your will learn about the 3 & 4 Act Film Structures that
  • You will learn how to keep your reader and audience engaged and loving your film.
  • You will Write Your Screenplay effectively using our tools. 
  • We will show you how to save $250 and use the best Free Screenwriting software. You will save $250
  • You will learn who is the  best organisation to get three assessments. 
  • These assessments are from experienced screenwriters and will tell you exactly how good your screenplay is  how to make it even better. 

Main Achievement: You will have a completed 
10 Minute or 90 Minute  Screenplay 


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Learn how to Use Film Equipment

  • Learn how to use Film Equipment 
  • You will learn which Film Equipment you will need 
  • Whether to rent or buy Equipment and the Number One Film Equipment Shop in the world.
  • You learn how to Record Location Sound
  • You learn how to Light your Film Set with 3 Point Lighting and background lighting. 
  • You learn to level a Camera . finding correct exposure and focus and white balance. 
  • Frame Rate Slow Motion and ISO & The 180 Line
  • Why you have to have a ND Filter on your lens outside. 
  • Which Audio Equipment you need and How to use it.
  • How to boom operate and effectively do it and Shotgun Mics
  • How to place on Lapel mics
  • All the Main  Filmmaking Shots 
  • The Lighting Equipment and How to Light 
  • 3 Point Lighting and How to do it. 
  • Spectacular composition and The Rule of Thirds 

Main Achievement: You will know what Gear your need and how to use and the Main Shots and how to compose a shot. 

Video Tour of the Camera Lights & Sound Course - 
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Learn how to Produce Prepare and Shoot Your Film

  • How to work out Locales Locations Sets & Scenes
  • Breaking down a script and Scheduling Shoot Days 
  • How to Find Locations for Free or a very low fee. 
  • How to Make a Film with out a budget up front.
  • Micro Budget Filmmaking – How to do it 
  • How to Greenlight your film when you want. 
  • All the Crew Roles clearly explained
  • Working with a Small Crew to Save $
  • The Ideal 10 Person Crew and the  5 Person Crew
  • How to Find Crew 
  • Final Week Preproduction 
  • Sourcing Art Department , Props and Set Dressing 
  • Seven Day out from the Shoot – The Checklist 
  • Final Crew and Cast Co-ordination Meeting 
  • Preparing Call Sheets and when you hand them out. 
  • Get Ready to Shoot and the Shoot
  • The Take Protocol 
  • Catering and making sure the Film Set runs smoothly 

Video Tour of the Producers Course 
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The Post Production Course

  • Post Production Overview 
  • Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video Clips and Audio Supplied to you. Download
  • Importing Labelling & Organising  Video and Audion in bins
  • Syncing your Video to your Audio 
  • Watching Rushes and Dailies 
  • Editing the Rough Cut and the Fine Cut 
  • Colouring and Grading your Film 
  • Dialogue Clean up and 
  • ADR Looping 
  • Music and Sound Post 
  • Sound Mixing and Final Mix 
  • Making your Film Widescreen
  • Exporting out your Final Film for Screening 
  • Test Screenings
  • Final Formats for your Film. 

Main Achievement: You will learn to Edit using out scene supplied with Video and Audio. 

Video Tour of the Postproduction Course  
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Film Distribution & Festivals

  • Major Strategy for Entering Film Festivals 
  • Using Film Freeway and our ninja tricks to attract Film Festivals Selection and Awards.
  • The Top 10 Film Festivals and how to pick the Film Festivals to Enter. 
  • The Top 3 Short Film Websites where it is amazing to get screened. One has most of the Oscar Short Films
  • Feature Film distributors and Sales Agents 
  • Streamers and How to get on Prime Video, Stan, Apple and on other streamers 
  • The Film Distributors we recommend that pay. 
  • Top WorldFilm Markets and why they are worth attending now.
  • Finding Work in the Film Business and how to approach
  • Networking in the Film Industry (Easy to Do)
  • The Champion and why top Filmmakers always have one. 
  • Top End Film Finance and the 2 Project Strategy 
  • Return on Investment

    You Will know how to Find your Audience Get Selected in Film Festivals and Find a Distributor who makes you money.

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This is the “Make Your Film  (Short or Feature Film) Now
This is great for the Person ready to Write Produce Direct and Edit their film now.

                                     PLUS   +

The Following Film Courses All at Once 

  • Screenwriting Course  – $295
  • The Film Directors Course  – $395
  • Camera Lights and Sound Course – $395 
  • Producing – Preproduction & The Shoot Course – $395 
  • The Post Production Course  $395 
  • Business of Filmmaking Course –  $395 
  • One Free Consultation included in package,  with one of our top Filmmaking Coaches who are successful Indie Filmmakers 
    Value $195

Total if bought seperate $ 2465 

Package Price $1495    
Great Value for Money
4 Monthly Payments of  $ 423 

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What you Gain and Achieve when you enrol on the Flagship Filmmaking Course Package

  1. Save Tens of Thousands of $
  2. Learn Filmmaking 
  3. Make Your Film Now as it is Project Based with a laser sharp “Action To do List”
  4. Catapult your Film Career 

One on One Coaching with one of our top Filmmaking Coaches

Coaching on your film project and Mentorship

45 Minute Session - $195 Per Session

  • Filmmaking Coaching 45 minute Session  $195 
  • Package of 3 Sessions –  $170 Per Session 
  • Package of 5 Sessions –  $150 Per Session 
  • One on One Coaching can dramatically move you closer to your filmmaking goals 
  • This is tremendous for filmmakers who are making a film and need help with the stage of production they are in
  • That could be with their Screenplay, Preproduction , Shooting or Post Production ( Editing) or Film Distribution

Video: How One on One Coaching Works

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