Famous Filmmakers who shot their movies on Smart Phone Cameras - 10 Minutes

Learn Filmmaking Fast Now -

From Screenplay to Finished Film + You Make a Film

  1. Screenwriting – How to Write a Screenplay.

  2. Casting – How to Cast a Movie

  3. Technical Training  Camera Lights and Sound Training.

  4. Preproduction and Producing
  5. Shooting a 10 minute Movie ( Actual Real Shoot)

  6. Postproduction Editing the film  Colour Grading.

  7. Sound Design Mix  & Music – Finished Film

  8. Business of Filmmaking.  Finding your Film Distributor and Getting your film seen by the world.

  9. One on One Coaching x 3 Sessions  with our Indie Filmmaker Instructors.

  10. Plus Make a Film while you do the Flagship Program

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Time to get Excited. This Course will get your Film Made

What you get

  • The Full Flagship Micro- Budget Filmmaking   Lessons (177) 
  • These tutorials teach you micro-budget filmmaking and get your film made.
  • You get clear To do Actions after ever Tutorial so you make a Film. 
  • You learn the exact system we use to make micro-budget films and do it now.  You can see two trailers from our films below. We made these on micro-budgets. 
  • You Get Email support for one year 
  • Q&A once per month via Zoom (2 hours) Value $1000 One Year. 
  • Meet other Filmmakers online on the Q&A Session and Network
  • One on One Coaching Sessions with our Indie Filmmakers x 3 
  • You simultaneously Make a Film. 
  • From now on, Greenlight your own Film when you need to make one. 

Learn The Most Amazing Tips and Get the Resources
that save you thousands of dollars, making your Film

The Micro Budget Filmmakers Program Investment

OPTION 1: Flagship Filmmakers Program + Coaching one on one

A$ 1995
  • We are closing the Flagship Filmmakers Course Soon.
  • We are closing the Flagship Filmmakers Course Soon.
  • You can check closing date below
  • Limited Places.


A$ 498 x 4
  • $498 x 4 Fortnightly Payments
  • You will need a PayPal or Afterpay Account
  • Interest Free

OPTION 3: Payment Plan x 4 Monthly Payments

A$ 573 x 4
  • $548 x 4 Monthly Payments
  • First Payment of $548on Enrolment
  • Plus $548 Payment One Month Later
  • Plus $548 Payment One Month Later
  • Plus $548 Payment One Month Later
  • $200 More than Other Options

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Enrolments Close Friday 10th May in

  • Please note that we only have the Flagship Micro-Budget Filmmakers Program open for a short time in Australia. 
  • Enrolments will be closing soon.
  • We have a quota of one on one coaching opportunities and once the coaching quota is filled,  we close down the Course
  • Beginners , Emerging Filmmakers and  Indie Filmmakers Welcome 
  • We still have a Few Places Left, so there is time to enrol.  
  • Please fill in  Application Form below.