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  • Learn Micro-Budget Filmmaking Fast
  • Make a Micro Budget Short or Feature Film Now 
  • Save Thousands of $
  • We are the Kings of Micro Budget Films and getting them seen by the world. 

Enrolments Closing 30th April - Apply ASAP

  • Please note that we only have the Flagship Micro-Budget Filmmakers Program open for a short time in Australia. 
  • Enrolments will be closing soon.
  • We have a quota of one on one coaching opportunities and once the coaching quota is filled,  we close down the Course
  • Beginners , Emerging Filmmakers and  Indie Filmmakers Welcome 
  • We still have a Few Places Left, so there is time to enrol.  
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The Micro Budget Filmmakers Program Investment

OPTION 1: Flagship Filmmakers Program + Coaching one on one

A$ 1995
  • We are closing the Flagship Filmmakers Course Soon.
  • We are closing the Flagship Filmmakers Course Soon.
  • You can check closing date below
  • Limited Places.


A$ 498 x 4
  • $498 x 4 Fortnightly Payments
  • You will need a PayPal or Afterpay Account
  • Interest Free

OPTION 3: Payment Plan x 4 Monthly Payments

A$ 573 x 4
  • $548 x 4 Monthly Payments
  • First Payment of $548on Enrolment
  • Plus $548 Payment One Month Later
  • Plus $548 Payment One Month Later
  • Plus $548 Payment One Month Later
  • $200 More than Other Options

Enrolments Closing Tuesday 30th April - Enrol ASAP


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What you get

  • The Full Flagship Micro- Budget Filmmaking   Lessons (177) 
  • These tutorials teach you micro-budget filmmaking and get your film made.
  • You get clear To do Actions after ever Tutorial so you make a Film. 
  • You learn the exact system we use to make micro-budget films and do it now.  You can see two trailers from our films below. We made these on micro-budgets. 
  • You Get Email support for one year 
  • Q&A once per month via Zoom (2 hours) Value $1000 One Year. 
  • Meet other Filmmakers online on the Q&A Session and Network
  • One on One Coaching Sessions with our Expert
  • You simultaneously Make a Film. 
  • From now on, Greenlight your own Film when you need to make one. 

Creating the Film Directors and Producers of Tomorrow

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