What should a Beginner Filmmaker do when starting out in Filmmaking

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What should a Beginner Filmmaker do when starting out in Filmmaking.

When you are starting out as a beginner filmmaker, it can seem daunting. As we have 5 Month Film Schools in Sydney and Melbourne and have run them for 27 Years, we have met a lot of beginner filmmakers.

We have seen the beginner that has transformed into a successful filmmakers and they definitely have similar traits such as the following. 

  1. They have decided that they want to be Filmmakers. The Really good ones are possibly obsessed with movies and high-quality shows.
  2. They want to make Films and they take steps to make this happen now
  3. They enrol on different Filmmaking Courses or enrol in a Film School such as the 5 Month Film School.
  4. They hang out in the Film Industry circles. They know that they can go to many different film events. Even if you are a beginner you can attend film industry events.
  5. In the first two years they will do any film work that comes along and often work for Free to gain experience.
  6. They seek out attachments on big films.
  7. In essence they are driven. 

You too can do the above.  However, there are people who fall into different categories. 

  • Those who are young with very little expense and possibly live at home, so money is not a big issue. They are free to go for it as in the above scenario, hang out on film sets and crew and place huge energy into making it. They still have to make their own short films.
  • Those who maybe are older, but they are financially independent and have plenty of free time. They can finance their own films or get involved with a successful film director financing part of their next film, in return for mentoring. They can keep on financing their own films.
  • Those who are married or single who have financial commitments and have to work full time. They would still love to make films on the weekends and in free time. They need to work around their work day and place an hour or two a day into writing screenplays They make their films happen on a micro budget. 

    You most likely fall into one of the above categories.  All of people who are in the above categories can still make films.  They should make short or feature films. This is essential as the only way to become a Film Director or Filmmaker is to get films made with your name on them. Do Not worry if your first couple of films are not amazing.  You will learn so much from the process.

So here is an effective “To Do List”,  if you are starting out or have just made a couple of short films.

  1. I always advise beginners to google Extra Agencies and get paid to be on set as an extra. You will see how the top end film shows and feature Films get made. The Extra agencies are crying out for people ,and you will have fun getting on film sets and meeting other people. 
Usually, it will be occasional day here and there on set, so you can take a day off from work,occasionally 
  2. Enrol on a Film Course such as the Five Month Filmmaking School in Sydney or Melbourne or the Online Film Courses.
    This is the full Five Month Film School in Sydney and Melbourne on steroids. It has full detail, and you can get coaching on any aspect of filmmaking and it is all online. 

The most important thing is to take action now. Visualise success and enjoy the present moment and make it happen, with the  5 Month Film Schools in  Melbourne or Sydney  

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